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Why socks?

February 17, 2016

 So, you’re probably wondering how this whole thing got started? Well my brother, Bret, got married last summer and he gave all of us groomsmen a pair of American Flag socks to wear in the wedding. The picture of all of us is featured on the homepage of our website, yes that’s actually us. Well, not that I was even remotely close to preparing for a marriage, but I pondered on what I could do to one-up my brother. I mean come on, isn’t that what good brothers do to each other?


I was a missionary for the LDS church from 2010-2012 and so a lot of my close friendships were engendered through that experience. Consequently, though we were all close together while serving in Houston, Texas, we all hailed from different states.


The lightbulb went off and I thought it would be awesome if we all wore socks (someday in the distant future of course) of the state flag we called home. I did a pretty thorough search to see what I could find for formal socks for different states. Naturally just about every product you can imagine can be found with a California flag logo on it (interestingly enough the Brown Bear on our flag is extinct), but for every other state I could not find decent formal socks. This didn’t sit well with me and so I started brainstorming ways I could bring this dream to fruition.


So began the idea for The State Mate. I think I’ve always wanted to do business with my brother. Though history would suggest it’s never smart to do business with family, my brother and I have a proven track record of winning as a collective unit.

 We have spent countless hours perfectly our idea to make sure all bases were covered. Our designer is Canadian (one of my missionary companions), however in the spirit of keeping this patriotic idea as American as possible, his name is Denver. I don’t know why either, but Denver is a much cooler name than Winnipeg or Ottawa!


You may wonder why we’re so adamant about giving back to homeless shelters though it really doesn’t coincide with out product line. Well just a short story I’ll hopefully be able to elaborate on more soon, I essentially made myself homeless back in late 2009. I had the blessing and privilege of hitchhiking through ALL 48 contiguous states alongside my good friend Marcus McIntosh.


We began the trip with literally the clothes on our back and a video camera to document the experience. Through the help of countless compassionate people, we traversed this great country on back of amazing Americans who gave of their food, extra clothing, socks, bags, floors or beds to crash on, and most importantly seats in their cars to provide us with the means of making the adventure possible. I’ve felt indebted to society since the day I returned and I think for my brother and I, donating to homeless shelters is a small way for us to give back for the many things we’ve received at the hands of others.


We hope you find our passion for our products and our service to others to be something you’d like to be a part of. We can’t be successful without you!


-Erik Price, Founding Father of The State Mate

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